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At Air-Eau-Bois, we offer all inclusive camps for youth to have fun, make friends, learn, and experience the beauty that mother nature graces us with year-round. We strive to provide the best and most memorable camping experience a child can have

KIDS camp

activities and programs

We offer programs focused on specific outdoor activities that increase in difficulty by age group. Each program includes an expedition, of which the duration increases as campers age. Activities include canoeing, kayaking, hiking, rock climing, bow and arrows, wilderness orientation and survival techniques, team-building games, and lots more!

A magical and

impactful experience

Campers will be immersed in the magic of nature with legends and tales adapted to their age. Opportunities for their imagination to run wild are endless. Their summer camp experience will be filled with valuable lessons, acquired knowledge, new skills, and impactful relationships with their camp family. They will leave summer camp at Air-Eau-Bois with an appreciation, passion, and respect – for nature, the outdoors, and the environment.

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For me, the camp is a way to escape, to meet new people and even discover ourselves. The camp allowed me to discover my passion for the outdoors; this is where I realised what I wanted to do in life. It’s also where I developed my leadership and my desire to be surrounded by passionate people. This is where I understood the importance of getting our of my comfort zone and to always go further. Overall, the camp created who I am today.

– Éloi, camper


The 27 days expedition is the experience of a lifetime. In addition to having given me a load of outdoors skills, the 27 days allowed me to discover myself. We are pushed to get out of our comfort zone and this is what makes this experience so unique. It is also an incredibly group experience! Completing the 27 was the best decision I could have taken for myself this summer. This expedition will stay with me and engraved the desire to do outdoor activities for the rest of my life!

-Julia, camper


My son has gone to Air-Eau-Bois for a few years. Each summer provides him with the opportunity to make friends and to experience new adventures, to overcome new challenges and to create memories. The camp adventures motivate him to develop, socialise and learn.

-Mylène, camper’s mom


Air-Eau-Bois is important for me because every year I go back to see the friends I made the previous year and to meet new ones. To live another extraordinary experience. When I complete my expedition, I already look forward to another one next year.

-Loic, camper


We are certified by the Association des Camps du Quebec (ACQ). The ACQ acts as a regulatory body that ensures the quality and safety of camps in Quebec. As an ACQ certified camp, we meet over 70 standards related to safety, supervision, environment, food, and programming.

Rest assured that your children will be safe, happy, and healthy during their stay with us!

You can find more information about the ACQ by visiting

Safety and security

At Air-Eau-Bois, we recognize and prioritize the tremendous responsibility that comes with ensuring your child’s safety and well-being during their stay with us. Our base is located within 55 minutes from both Buckingham and Wakefield hospital, where we have physicians who are exclusively available to us at all times. Staff undergo rigorous training on emergency protocols and have resources to communicate with the base from anywhere onsite, at any time, in case of an emergency. 

We are happy to answer any questions you may have concerning the safety and security of our camps.


Camp staff

Our staff have extensive training and knowledge in group management, intervention, and safety measures for all activities. Each staff member is required to have up-to-date training in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). 

We know that camp counsellors play an imperative role in shaping and creating a memorable camping experience. Young campers look up to them and may even consider them to be an inspiration as they grow up. We want all of our campers to feel comfortable, included, valued, and safe. Many of our counsellors were once campers themselves, so they embody the core values of Air-Eau-Bois.

Meals and water


The water at Air-Eau-Bois used for drinking and showering is of the highest quality and tested  twice a month as per the Ministry of the environment’s standards and policies.

All meals are approved by a nutritionist who ensures that our menu fulfills our young and active campers’ nutritional needs