Equipment Rentals

Take advantage of our on-site watercraft rental to explore and discover the stunning Lac du Poisson Blanc! Paddle across glittering waters in one of our kayaks to discover hidden bays and secluded beaches where you can recharge your energy and bask in the revitalizing embrace of nature.
For those with a more adventurous spirit, challenge yourself with a canoe portage to visit nearby lakes teeming with local wildlife.
Whatever adventure you seek, you’ll find it here at Air-Eau-Bois!

The canoe, invented by North American Indigenous peoples over 3000 years ago, allows us to connect with nature more fully than we realize. There is a certain magic in traveling long distances under our own power—it is a reminder of the ingenuity and patience of humans of the past: we now live at their pace. Allow yourself a break from the cacophony of the city, take your time, and appreciate the beauty of the nature surrounding you at Poisson-Blanc!

The kayak, developed by the Inuit over 2000 years ago for hunting and travel in the Arctic, allows solo explorers to enjoy a water outing without having to learn solo canoe techniques! Embark on an independent excursion or go as a duo in our tandem kayaks and enjoy a beautiful day on Poisson-Blanc. Accompanied by the breeze and the song of birds, take the time to appreciate the small pleasures that life in nature offers.

AirEauBois is an outdoor equipment rental business located in Quebec, Canada. Since its inception in 2010, AEB has provided its valued customers with the highest quality equipment at an affordable rate.

Air-Eau-Bois offers fullday, and multiday rentals of canoes and kayaks on a variety of beautiful bodies of water, including Lac du Poisson Blanc. All paddles, life jackets are provided free of charge. What makes Air-Eau-Bois stand out is the comfort, efficiency, and safety of their rental services.

Customers enjoy carefully inspected and wellmaintained equipment that is easy and safe to use. In addition, Air-Eau-Bois staff members are highly knowledgeable about the local environment to provide the best outdoor experience to their customers.

Air-Eau-Bois also offers an online booking service to make the reservation process smooth and hasslefree. Customers can easily select their desired rental dates, times, and equipment. Putting customer satisfaction first, Air-Eau-Bois understands that when it comes to the outdoors, people want reliable gear and great customer service.

Providing topnotch rental services, Air-Eau-Bois makes it possible for people to enjoy amazing outdoor adventures at an incredible value. Visitors never get enough of the breathtaking natural beauty and the spectacular experience offered by the company.

Air-Eau-Bois has always gone the extra mile to ensure that each and every customer who rents its equipment has the best experience possible.