Equipment Rentals

Take advantage of our on-site watercraft rental to explore and discover the stunning Lac du Poisson Blanc! Paddle across glittering waters to discover hidden bays and secluded beaches where you can recharge your energy and bask in the revitalizing embrace of nature. For those with a more adventurous spirit, challenge yourself with a canoe portage to visit nearby lakes teeming with local wildlife. Whatever adventure you seek, you’ll find it here at Air-Eau-Bois!


Canoe rentals have been moved, please read carefully! To pick up and rent boats, go to the Bowman boat launching parking lot, at the end of Chemin Poisson-Blanc. [CLICK HERE] to see on a map. You no longer need to go to the Air-Eau-Bois reception as efore.

AirEauBois is an outdoor equipment rental business located in Quebec, Canada.

Air-Eau-Bois offers fullday, and multiday rentals of canoes on a variety of beautiful bodies of water, including Lac du Poisson Blanc. All paddles, life jackets are provided free of charge. What makes Air-Eau-Bois stand out is the comfort, efficiency, and safety of their rental services.

Customers enjoy carefully inspected and wellmaintained equipment that is easy and safe to use. In addition, Air-Eau-Bois staff members are highly knowledgeable about the local environment to provide the best outdoor experience to their customers.

Air-Eau-Bois also offers an online booking service to make the reservation process smooth and hasslefree. Customers can easily select their desired rental dates, times, and equipment. Putting customer satisfaction first, Air-Eau-Bois understands that when it comes to the outdoors, people want reliable gear and great customer service.

Providing topnotch rental services, Air-Eau-Bois makes it possible for people to enjoy amazing outdoor adventures at an incredible value. Visitors never get enough of the breathtaking natural beauty and the spectacular experience offered by the company.

Air-Eau-Bois has always gone the extra mile to ensure that each and every customer who rents its equipment has the best experience possible.


Canoe rentals have been moved, please read carefully! To pick up and rent boats, go to the Bowman boat launching parking lot, at the end of Chemin Poisson-Blanc. [CLICK HERE] to see on a map. You no longer need to go to the Air-Eau-Bois reception as before.

Yes, due to high reservation volume, we advise you to reserve your canoe as soon as possible on our website: nautique

$41 for a 2-person canoe
$48 for a 3-person canoe (for two adults and one child)

2-Person Canoe:

  • Two life jackets
  • Two paddles
  • One bailer
  • Access to parking for one vehicle*

3-Person Canoe:

  • Three life jackets
  • Three paddles
  • Access to parking for one vehicle*

*Carpooling is strongly recommended, as parking spaces are limited

No, canoe rentals require a minimum of 2 nights, equivalent to  3-days

One parking spot is provided for each rented canoe. However, please note that there may be limited availability of additional spaces, so we strongly recommend carpooling.

We do not have changing rooms or lockers on site. We recommend bringing all your personal belongings in a waterproof bag. We recommend not leaving any belongings in your vehicle. Note that parking isn’t monitored after closing hours.

  • Departures on the lake must be made before 4:45 PM.
  • Returns to the parking lot must be made before 4:30 PM.

Canoe rental office hours are from 9 AM to 5 PM.

If you arrive late, you will not be able to depart as the office will be closed, and the equipment and canoes will be locked. No refunds will be given.

Pets are allowed in our boats. However, please adhere to three important rules:

  1. Keep your pet on a leash at all times on our site.
  2. Ensure you have necessary equipment to pick up after your pet.
  3. Please ensure your pet does not bark to respect the tranquility of neighbors.

We do not offer camping equipment rental services. Please plan to bring your own equipment.
There are online lists to assist you.

 It is not recommended to drink water from the lake as it is not potable.
We suggest bringing a water filter or purification tablets such as Aquatabs.

We do not sell water bottles, and we do not have potable water on site.
We advise bringing your own water.

Yes, you can gather dry wood or even purchase some at the reception. It is strictly forbidden to cut down or remove bark from trees. Please make sure to fully extinguish your fire before nightfall and upon leaving the site.

No, the canoe you rent is intended to be used from the Air-Eau-Bois outdoor base. It is not permitted to transport the canoe by car to another location.

No, it is strictly prohibited to swim at this location. We recommend planning your swim before arriving.

In the event of forecasts for severe storms, boat rentals will not be available. This also applies to strong winds, fog, heavy rain, or any other environmental risk. A refund will be issued if conditions are deemed too risky by our staff.

It is necessary to return your canoe, life jackets, paddles, and bailers to their designated locations. Failure to do so will result in fees.

The Chez Renaud restaurant/convenience store is located in Poltimore, a 20-minute drive away.

Canoe rental for solo trips is not allowed. Unfortunately, we have had to intervene several times to rescue individuals who had rented a canoe and ventured out alone on the lake, often caught off guard by windy conditions.

No, we only rent 2-person and 3-person canoes.