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Located 50 minutes from Gatineau-Ottawa, Air-Eau-Bois, a non-profit organization, is an exceptional place for nature lovers.

Whether you’re an experienced adventurer or seeking relaxation, Air-Eau-Bois meets all your expectations.

Join us for an adventure where fresh air and the forest come together to create unforgettable memories.

What we do at Air-Eau-Bois

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why choose us

4 Seasons Experience

We are open all year round, all of your adventures can take place here.

Family Experience

Our site and activities are adapted for visitors of all ages.

Pet Friendly Environment

Most of our lodging options are pet friendly.

Multi-Use Trails

Our day pass gives access to our trail network for hiking, snowshoeing, skiing and more.

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At Air-Eau-Bois, our mission is to encourage the practice of activities in a natural environment through training and the provision of outdoor services and programs.