Looking to work in the outdoors?

The main advantage of working with us is the proximity of nature, and of course,  the team effort to make this place pleasant and eco friendly for everyone..

Why Choose Us

We offer both seasonal contracts and full time jobs. We have positions that are specifically for the kids camp, such as our camp counsellors, expedition specialists, lifeguards and much more. Many other positions are to be filled during every season of the year, such as cook, housekeepers and maintenance employees. 

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Access to our site and activities

We offer free access to our employees, and a family discount for trails, equipment rental and more. We also organise a lot of team building activities that take place outside.

team of outdoor enthusiasts

Everyone on the team has a point in common : a love for outdoor activities. We encourage our staff to learn new disciplines and stick together.

training and learning opportunity

Every position has a different set of required skills, and we encourage acquiring new skills on the terrain. Part of our mission is to educate and facilitate those opportunities.

Variable and flexible hours

For each position, the hours are variable and the time of the year is also a factor in all of our schedules. Per example, the Summer tends to be more busy due to the touristic peak.

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