summer camp
june 23 to august 16, 2024

At Air-Eau-Bois, it’s the ultimate summer camp for children aged 7 to 17 who want to have a blast, make new friends, and learn while having fun in the great outdoors, all while canoeing like pros! It’s the camp where learning happens while paddling, where unforgettable connections are made, and where moments are created that will be stories to tell for generations to come!

Initiation à l'aventure douce

(7-8 years old) - 6 days

Camp Details

Children in initiation groups will paddle to their campsite in a ‘’Rabaska’’, a large canoe, and will discover the joys of genuine camping experience for one night while being close to our amenities and our specialized intervention staff. They will enjoy a good night sleep all other nights in our dormitories.

Aviron I

(9-10 years old) - 6 days

Camp Details

Children in Aviron I groups will paddle to their campsite, about 5km away. They will enjoy a good night sleep all other nights in one of our dormitories after a busy day filled with activities such as archery, mountain climbing, and so much more.

Aviron II

(11-12 years old) - 6 days

Camp Details

Children in Aviron II groups will paddle to their campsite, about 5km away. They will enjoy a good night sleep all other nights in the Auberge, where they will share rooms with friends, after a busy day filled with activities such as archery, mountain climbing, and so much more.

Aviron III

(11-12 years old) - 13 days

Camp Details

Aviron III Children in Aviron III will enjoy an awesome 7 night canoe camping expedition and will cover much greater distance then the younger groups. While on the base, they will enjoy amazing nights of sleep on the second floor of the Auberge, where they can safely leave their personal belongings while on expedition.

Aviron VII (LAC)

(14-16 years old) - 20 days

Camp Details

In 20 days on the lake, the entire stay takes place on an expedition, except for the first night in a rustic cabin. This first day of introduction allows for breaking the ice and making final departure preparations. The group leaves the next day on canoes to cross the Poisson-Blanc Reservoir and venture into our portage loop.

Aviron IV

(13-17 years old) - 6 days

Camp Details

Teens in Aviron IV will stay one night in rustic cabins before leaving for an exciting 3 night canoe camping expedition including an added challenge of portaging.


(15-17 years old) - 20 days

Camp Details

On board canoes, the participants of this stay will paddle down a river in the region and camp at breathtaking locations. On the first evening at the camp, the participants will stay in a rustic cabin, and the departure for the expedition will be the next day. They will then spend 19 nights in wilderness camping.

Aviron V

(13-17 years old) - 13 days

Camp Details

Teenagers in Aviron V will stay one night in rustic cabins before leaving for an amazing 9 nights canoe camping expedition. Portaging from lake to lake will help them develop team building skills while experiencing long lasting friendships.

Aviron VIII

(15-17 years old) - 27 days

Camp Details

The 27-day river trip is the longest stay offered at Camp Air-Eau-Bois, and it is surely the greatest challenge we undertake. The first night, participants will stay in the rustic cabins before heading out the next morning for a 27 day river canoe camping trip!


Since our availability depends on cancellations, we cannot provide an accurate estimate of the chances of getting a spot. We will contact you only when a spot becomes available, and you are next on the waiting list. In this case, you will receive an email notification, and you will have 12 hours to complete your registration. As cancellations occur, we immediately reintegrate people on the waiting list based on their initial registration date and time.

Yes, you can create your account now on our website by clicking on “Log in” and choosing the “Create an account” option. You will need to have some information on hand, such as the child’s health insurance number, etc.

You need to send an email to Please note that any cancellation or modification must be made via email. Refer to the cancellation policy on our summer camp registration platform.

Bus transportation to the camp has become mandatory this year for several essential reasons:

The safety of children is the camp’s top priority. By requiring all participants to use bus transportation, the camp can ensures that children travel together in a controlled and supervised environment. This reduces risks related to traffic, individual travel, and unforeseen situations on the road.

Bus transportation allows for more efficient scheduling of arrivals and departures, minimizes delays due to staggered arrivals, and ensures that all participants arrive at the camp at the same time. This contributes to a smooth start of activities and an overall better experience for your child.

No, and we thank you very much for your understanding.

Yes, Air-Eau-Bois accommodates dietary restrictions. However, it is essential to mention them during your child’s registration on the Amilia platform.

Note that a strict protocol is in place for managing food intolerances and allergies. It is crucial to provide accurate information. If the camp deems it necessary, the team will contact you to obtain more information.

You can requests for pairing during the registration process. The children must be in the same age group for the pairing to be complete. It’s important to note that while the team at Air-Eau-Bois will strive to accommodate their request to be in the same group, we cannot guarantee it.

Oui, l’intégration dans un groupe de jeunes neurotypiques avec un accompagnement fournis par le parent ou l’organisme est possible.  Pour avoir de l’information ou faire une demande, vous devez communiquer avec la coordination du camp à l’adresse courriel suivante :

Vous devrez remplir un formulaire d’analyse des besoins avant le 30 mars.  Par la suite, nous analyserons les besoins et ce que nous pouvons offrir.

The issued Statements of Income will be deposited in your Amilia account in February following your child’s stay.
To produce the statement:
All fees have been paid.
In the parent’s profile, the social insurance number was provided.
– The home address is in Quebec.

The statement will not be produced if these conditions are not met. The file must be up to date no later than January following the child’s stay. A delay is expected for statement corrections or production after the deadline for file completion.

**Statements can only be used by the person who has custody of the child. If the stay was paid by a third party, such as an organization, the parent cannot receive a statement.

The complete list is available in the parent guide according to the chosen age group (link).


Some moments will be captured spontaneously during the children’s stays, but it is not possible for us to photograph all campers or post daily moments on our social media. At the end of the stay, you will receive a brief report with some information about their stay and group photos per week.

You can send an email to to communicate with your child. Letters sent by mail are not recommended as they often arrive after your child’s stay.

It may happen that you have concerns for various reasons (first stay, health condition, etc.) or that you simply want to ensure everything is going well for your child. Know that we will always be happy to respond and provide updates on your child. However, we do not recommend speaking to your child during their stay.

ATTENTION! Note that the saying “No news is good news” also applies to camp.

We will contact you if we deem it necessary.

Children can write a letter that will be given to you on Friday.

Note:Over the years, we have observed that parents often face difficulties during departure. When children see that you are emotional or worried, they may imagine there is a good reason for it and become anxious in turn. The American Camping Association suggests remaining positive and confident in our ability to offer a great stay and experience! Additionally, be confident in your child’s ability to overcome challenges and make the most of their camp experience. This reassures your child and sets the tone for their stay at Air-Eau-Bois.

We typically follow the ratio of 1 monitor for every 6 children according to age groups, or according to the standards of the ACQ.

It is possible and normal for your child to show excitement, anxiety, fears, and nervousness before their stay (and you too!). To prepare your child for their stay away from home, we invite you to visit the website of the Association des Camps du Québec There, you will find tips and tricks to prepare yourself and your child for the camp experience.

Yes, it is possible to make payment arrangements. The registration system will prompt you to make an initial deposit. You can then go to the Amilia platform to manage your invoice and pay according to your needs. The full fees will be paid one month before the camp date.

Please update the new credit card information in your Amilia account. Otherwise, you may receive a call from us.

Yes, very quickly! In the first hour, we received 500 registrations. The Base de plein air Air-Eau-Bois is a very popular camp. We encourage you to register as soon as possible.

Yes, Air-Eau-Bois provides a family discount for the registration of a second or third child from the same family residing at the same postal address. However, you must register all the children at once for the discount to apply.

Yes, Air-Eau-Bois offers financial assistance to families considered low-income. Simply make a request via email and send us proof of family income to the following email address: